About Us

Ghana Food's particular speciality and primary focus is, as the company name suggests, the importation and distribution of a diverse range of popular traditional Ghanaian and other West African foodstuffs, principally, but not exclusively limited to, non-perishable foods.

Ghana Foods also markets an ever increasing range of fresh products, including Puna yams, white yams, cocoyams and plantain.

Most of our products are generally imported directly from source, in full container loads.

Supplies are despatched from our Edmonton (North London) Warehouse for delivery to wholesalers, supermarkets, cash & carries, and other food shops and outlets up and down the country in quantities varying from a single carton to mixed pallets and even truckloads.

With the UK consumer becoming increasing multicultural, distribution of our products is no longer confined to traditional "African" or "Afro-Caribbean" outlets. They are increasingly to be found on the "ethnic food" shelves of more broadly based food outlets.

We are normally able to deliver inside London within 24 hours and elsewhere in the UK within three days. We have recently commenced exports to Europe and delivery times have varied from between three to five days.